We Are All Models

We are all models

walking the runways of our lives,


by the way we carry

our clothes, ourselves.

Some step forward,

eyes wide, gait firm

with a fixed smile

beautiful in their presentation.

Others head down,

huddled and hiding,

hermits of fear,

hoping not to stumble

where they can be seen.

Still others wear their rags proudly,

their beggaring life


as a reminder

that those costumes

are available to anyone,

even perhaps

at any time.

Our inside selves wonder

If we are not


than we show

than we can ever show

than can be measured

by a look

or a pocketbook.

Perhaps, like plants turning and yearning

and bending to the sun

from some rooted place,

some fixed path,

we may grow

longing for light, for warmth


not just valuation,

but self.

Eliel Fionn © 2011