The Art of Meditation

“Thought, sensation, form. Patterns of intent evolve into rhythms of response. Life’s current of chaos solidifies into the matter of perspective. Within the anatomy of meaning, structure frames a pulse of synchronicity; moments of alignment that dissolve into flow.”


PT II, 2010 Assembled Collagraphic Monoprint


Printmaker Kathleen Sherin channels her observations of the physical world through the labyrinth of her unconscious to create complex visual compositions of the inherently inexpressible.


This piece, along with two additional prints from the same series, hung in my home this past year as part of a living storage exchange. More than a source of beauty, it became my meditation. Resonating on a visceral level, much as music alters mood, I’d lose long moments just standing and staring.


Most artists will tell you that their art is a co-creation with a source of inspiration bigger than themselves—a force that comes through them. Like portals to the collective unconscious, Kathleen’s prints offer access to a reservoir of meaning and mystery that you need only gaze upon to find within.


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