Free Fall

Amnesiac by Matt Duquette


If you’re familiar with Matt Duquette’s art, then you know that his palette tends to be dark. Amnesiac is a departure, and appropriately so. It represents the space between and the way that transitions often feel like a free fall.


I enjoy all of Matt’s art, but I love this piece most of all because it captures the journey I’ve shared with Matt and his creative partner and wife Laura. If you’re from Buffalo, you’ve seen their design work. I found 12 Grain Design Studio through a friend—just three degrees of separation from the first person I met the first day I arrived. I couldn’t see where I was going, but Matt and Laura helped me create my building blocks one step at a time—two portraits, two sites and a lot of space between while I travelled my transition of not knowing.


As I prepare to launch this very personal work, I owe a nod of credit to Matt for lighting the way. Amnesiac was part of a series of paintings Matt created last year for a one-man show at the Castellani Art Museum. The show was a first of its calibre for Matt and a big deal. I happened to be at Matt and Laura’s home the night before the curator came to collect the work. I helped Matt wrap the paintings and I asked him about each piece and how it feels to share yourself through your work. Hopefully, Matt won’t mind me revealing that he considers himself shy. At the opening, I watched him stand in front of a full house and talk about his work and his relationship to art. If you didn’t know Matt, you would never guess the courage it took.


The most rewarding experiences in life demand you give something of yourself—you step up; you push past fear. I don’t know where Babe Effect and this adventure will take me. Like Matt, right before his opening, I feel a healthy mix of both positive and nervous anticipation. I’m sharing from my most personal experiences: I’m sharing my truth. There is strength in vulnerability; it’s the passage to liberation. … See you wherever I land.


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