Inside Every Soul is Poetry Compact

Maia Hisamoto by Paul Elliott Williams

Maia Rianne Hisamoto, February 3, 1989—January 27, 2013

 Poem by Eliel Fionn reprinted here in memory of her daughter, an archetypal babe, Maia Hisamoto. Thank you Maia for your example; for turning me on.


Inside every soul is poetry compact,
The attar of experience distilled
From pithy moments
Of sense and sound and feeling,
the pulse of life and longing compressed.

Simple lines flow,
Like light dancing along mirrored surfaces,
Welcoming and playful,
undisturbed by any complex rhythms,
content unobscured,
visible to all.

Hidden verse,
The dark poetry of twisted desire and hopes
Torn off at the roots,
Of despair and envy
Tended in grotesque gardens,
Has in every soul,
A place.

Complex inner verses
Are sometimes so deeply held
That only the sharp crack
Of death, of loss,
Can expose
The nut meat of experience.

The meters of the soul
Are as simple, harsh,
Beautiful, stark,
Haunting, and humorous,
As the poet who lives each line.

© 2011 Eliel Fionn