Material Wealth

Son of a tugboat captain

I asked you one day―

Did you know you were poor?

Your mother, you told me

Told you

You were middle class

Then sent you off to buy

A quarter pound of hamburger

To feed a husband

―And four boys.

But your house was full

Of Love

And everyone singing

And so you never knew

That those with more

Might pity you.

When your first job

Paid $100 a week

You couldn’t believe

They meant every week!

A salesman

You sold blue skies and rainbows

And earned your pot of gold

With laughter more than labor

More generosity than grit.


Never influenced you

You stayed the same

Despite your gain.

Thrift was never discipline

A pleasure!

Materials on hand

Your favorite medium for play.

I think of this

As your estate settles today

A material wealth

I wouldn’t trade

For the materials

Of recreation

I saved from your collection

Creative inspiration

Set aside for a rainy day

―My true inheritance

Your love of play!