13. The Power of Empowerment

Hey Gals. I can’t wait to see everyone. Nothing like check-ins to remind you how fast the months fly by and how much can change in a month!



I’m loving my new role as managing editor. Things are gelling—we finally have structure. Hopefully, when my boss returns from her leave of absence she will continue to let myself and my co-worker run the day-to-day, while she focuses on strategy and vision. I’m definitely as busy as ever, but work is no longer so emotionally draining because I’m doing something I’m good at, I can see results and I’m empowered and left alone to do my thing.



As I hoped, I am plowing the extra energy I’ve freed up back into my life. I’m reconnecting with friends, doing yoga every morning for an hour, taking care of details—from shopping and cooking to reconciling bank statements. Doing yoga in the morning is incredibly centering and calming—the effects stay with me emotionally and physically all day. Saturday morning I woke up on the wrong side of the bed feeling grumpy and overwhelmed, but I forced myself to do my yoga anyway, and it was like hitting the reset button. I am keeping my expectations modest and reclaiming parts of my life one friend, one task, one idea, one day at a time.



John is also working to recenter his life. We have been having serious budget and finance conversations and are getting organized to try the budget thing again. Last month we actually paid back all of our debt!! Now, we are looking toward the future and trying to use money mindfully so we can do the things we want to do—prepare for kids, travel, buy land. John is also exercising in the mornings and we are supporting each other in this endeavor. Tonight we discussed sharing the shopping and meal responsibilities. Now that we are both committed to honoring a budget, John appreciates that he needs to help make our meals happen. Our plan is to alternate weeks, with one person responsible for everything but the dishes. Other nice changes, we are back to being pro-active and active with our free time: camping and Tahoe adventures in the plans.


That’s about all. My father had an accident riding his bike last week and is pretty banged up. Getting the call from my brother that my father had an accident caused me to role play in my mind a day when that message might be more serious—and to realize that day could be any day. It’s caused me to reflect on my parents aging and what that means. And, of course, it raising the old East Coast, West Coast dilemma.


I’m grateful every day that you all are in my life. Thank you for the love and support we have created with this group.