5. Morning Pages and Peace of Mind

First, let me say that I am in love with w2k. What we are creating is amazing and powerful.



Okay, my check-in. The morning pages have been a huge influence in my life. I’ve been spending thirty minutes to an hour every morning since our last w2k. As I reported in my mid-month check-in, I realized right off the bat that I don’t want to be an entrepreneur; I want to approach my work as an artist. Thinking of myself and my work within those parameters, success takes on a different dynamic: it takes on slower, gentler expectations. It becomes acceptable to approach work in a more freeform, creative manner. All the issues I struggle with disappear if I think of myself as an artist. And I see no reason I can’t hold the same goals as an artist—wealth, recognition, passion.


I am excited about creating the SF WoW site, but now that it’s real, I am struggling with familiar doubts and fears. I’m not really sure what I am afraid of—I have no doubt that I can do the work and do an amazing job. Hopefully, the morning pages will help me figure this out. They certainly help me cope and work through my anxiety a little more each day. They are more effective than counseling and a whole lot cheaper.



I am excited for our party Saturday. There’s something about being a hostess that I love. It’s very rewarding to gather all of your friends. It should be quite a fête. I also discovered that I LOVE Harry Potter. For those of you who don’t know, the Harry Potter books are a new children’s series that is taking the world by storm. I stayed up the first night until two in the morning reading book one, which I bought to send to my niece. I went back to the bookstore the following day and bought the next two in the series. John keeps telling me I should write children’s stories because I love the world of make believe so much. Maybe so. Food for thought.