My Career Revue

In her sensational, as yet unwritten, memoir, Slacking My Way Through Success, creative maverick and dilettante Page Nolker revives an abandoned truth—“hard work is a substitute for performance.” A paragon of the success for less philosophy, Page’s star-studded trail of career achievements illustrates the quantifiable benefits of intelligent indolence.

page_portraitTemporary Leadership—A Financial Sage

A graduate of Cornell University with honors, Page seeks temporary employment in a deliberate move to postpone responsibility. Assigned to Wells Fargo, she inadvertently lands a corner office and mention in every major newspaper across the country as the institution’s IRA advisor.

Critical Thinking—Strategies for Slacking

Concerned about underutilizing her expensive liberal arts degree, Page pursues an internship at the international nonprofit Strategies for Media Literacy—an organization selected on the basis of its proximity to her house. Her first published piece, a teacher’s guide for photographic discourse, remains in print as part of media literacy pioneer Kathleen Tyner’s, Literacy in a Digital World: Teaching and Learning in the Age of Information.

Trial-by-Fire—An Entrepreneur’s Education

From 1993 to 1998, Page writes and markets Mind over Media, a pilot healthcare publication that garners praise and consideration from leading healthcare and media executives, while narrowly avoiding commercial success. A defining chapter in her career, Page considers her initiation to the business world a trial-by-fire MBA, and opts not to enroll at Harvard.

Design—A Brand New Focus

Freed from the specter of recurring deadlines, Page reassesses and reinvents herself. Employing her gift for writing and intuitive sense for marketing, she establishes her first consulting practice helping small creative businesses develop unique brand stories. Among her successes, Page supports modern rug designer Angela Adams in re-branding herself for debut at the Chicago Design Show, where Adams captures national attention and gains the momentum behind her current name recognition.

San Francisco at the turn of the century— mania in full swing—Page decides to join ranks with her peers and experience history in the making. Contributing to the marketing and editorial team at she witnesses a comedy of conceit, which underscores for her the distinction between hard work and performance.

An Academic Sabbatical

Dismayed by the pointlessness of good life squandered for bad commerce, Page contemplates academia. Pursuing a personal interest in historic narrative, she interns with U.C. Berkeley’s Regional Oral History Office, and privately produces two commissioned life memoirs before returning to business.

Wining and Dining for Dollars

In 2001, a shifting legal climate and an aging consumer base distinguish the wine industry as ripe for growth in a depressed economy. Perceiving opportunity, Page joins with two creative partners to establish Blue Fly Digital, one of the first full service web design and development companies exclusively focused on serving Northern California’s luxury food and wine trade. Paid to judge Cabernets and slurp oysters, Blue Fly Digital’s portfolio includes industry notables, Clos Du Val, the Stags Leap District, Wilson Daniels and the Hog Island Oyster Company.

The Art of Writing

In a market where packaging means everything, Page’s strategic choice to ghostwrite the ultra-sexy coffee table anthology, ICON: Art of the Wine Label, epitomizes her gift for maximizing the profit potential of her time and talent. A retrospective of 100 wine labels designed by industry veterans Jeffrey Caldewey and Chuck House, ICON accepts three awards for U.S. wine books, including “Best Wine Book of the Year,” and “Best Wine Book in the World for Professionals.”

Harvesting Behind-the-Scenes Experience

While still at the helm of Blue Fly Digital, Page personally assists winegrower Eric Sussman during the phenomenal debut of his artisan wine label, Radio-Coteau. Actively participating in every aspect of production for three growing seasons, from harvest through bottling, Page also serves as Sussman’s informal social liaison, hosting growers, restaurateurs and collectors at her home in Sonoma County.

Sweat Labor

Spoiled by her tenure in the fine wine and dining trade, Page lunges at the opportunity to help reposition a sleeper studio of decrepit complainers into a thriving yoga Mecca of hard-core practitioners. Posing as management advisor, communications consultant, music stylist and poster girl, the studio’s makeover, as well as her own, fits Page’s guiding philosophy that work should feel good.

Be, Laugh, Love

In step with the times, Page drops out to drop in. Skipping the world travel, she searches her soul without leaving Sonoma. Heeding a stern warning from her subconscious, Page trades her fast pace for the slow life, and settles into a routine of farming, reading and yoga. Intending to write, she instead finds herself led on a transforming spiritual journey by a small flock of chickens.

Version Release 2.0

Featuring new functionality and enhanced performance, Page moves to Buffalo, New York. Franchising her audacious talent for synthesizing abstractions into answers, Page helps creative clients worldwide pioneer benefical new perspectives. Peer reviews praise Page’s uncommonly broad perspective, intuitive reasoning and novel solutions.