Materials on Hand


Written as a poem a day over the last 14 months of her mother’s life, Materials on Hand shines a light on the fine line between heartache and beauty. A spiritual journey set against the backdrop of dementia, the book serves as a roadmap to transcendence. Piercingly honest and self aware, Page Nolker distills the complex intricacies of caregiving into simple revelations about what it means to be human―and the transforming power of unconditional love. Written with humor and compassion in a voice anyone can relate to, Materials on Hand reminds us that the potential for joy exists within even in the darkest sorrow.

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What readers are saying about Materials on Hand … 

“Every poem―a simple, beautiful truth.”

“Page has disclosed not only beauty, but a self awareness that most would be afraid to discover. Her strength and wisdom are second to none.”

“Page has brought me to tears, laughter and back to tears. And always with such love. Materials on Hand is a treasure of truth, of revelation, of life.”

“Brave. Full of honesty and grace.”

“Intense. Funny. Sad. … But always, always healing.”

“Materials on Hand brought me to my knees. Authentic and raw. The message is overwhelming clear: Love.”