III. Art, Love and Delusions―Crafting an Alternative Narrative

The conclusion to this three-talk exploration of my family’s journey caring for my mother during her decline with dementia, this talk highlights yet another perspective for understanding the wisdom and practices that made our experience transformational. To be presented to Memoirs and More, in Honesdale, PA on Friday, September 7, 2018.


Poet and performing artist, K. Page Nolker, writes and speaks about the emancipation of her soul through the art of conscious dreaming. Her current work, a modern epic poem in three parts, models the transformative potential in eldercare and dying. Book One, Materials on Hand―a spiritual journey set against the backdrop of her mother’s dementia―is available on Amazon, Kindle and at local independent bookstores by request.

Opening February 2019, you can find Page at Cairn Cove Retreat, a magic, dream lodge in the Pocono Mountains where guests come to write their obituaries, discuss the details of their death wishes and imagine their fairytale finishes. #deathpositive is #lifeaffirming at #cairncoveretreat