84. Big News

You woke your husband

In the middle of the night

With a loud and urgent

“Mother! Mother!—

I think I’m pregnant!”

Your husband assured you

You aren’t,

But relaying the story

To you in the morning

You answered,

“I may be.”

What I want to know— 

Was it Rody, Dickie, Robert

Or George? 

I was in my twenties, living in Portland, Maine when my father gave me, through example, advice I’ve lived by—we live by. I remember everything about the conversation—the room I was standing in, the emotions I was experiencing—everything except the conversation itself. Only the message remains: there are times in life when you can either cry or laugh. I feel the full spectrum of emotions when I think about my mother, her illness and this journey we are sharing. Balanced with the pain of watching two people I love suffer, I feel this incredible joy and gratitude for the love and humor that has flourished; catalyzed into being by the circumstances. Loving my parents as witness to their journey feels like a sacred gift.