The Ruby Ring Returns | Chapter 3

If you love something, set it free. If it comes back, it was meant to be.


The buyer returned the ring.


Musicians tell me I have the ideal fingers for music—long and slender. I designed my ring to be wide and chunky, scaled to the length of my ring finger. Like Cinderella’s slipper—a custom fit.


I felt fine letting the ring go; I felt joy receiving it back. I noted the pattern. First the diamond, now the ruby. Both rings released; both returned.


When the diamond returned, I took measure of the meaning and internalized the gem’s symbolic significance. A celestial symbol of clarity and innocence, wearing the ring, I found the power to heal my relationship to beauty and self worth; to my divinity. An old-fashion, flashy cut, I learned to embrace and honor my feminine nature.


It’s opposite in every detail, the ruby feels earthly and masculine. It invokes an entirely different energy, though an equally noble authority. While the diamond taught me to heal self worth, the ruby guided me to fulfill the promise of self love.


Our physical forms assume one gender, but our natures remain dual—a blend of masculine and feminine. Gender and culture may cause one aspect to dominate, but the journey to center in our true selves necessitates a balancing of both. With the return of the ruby, I recognize and celebrate the truth of my own harmony.


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