Selling Self Love | The Ruby Ring Chapter 1

“Blessed is the woman who finds wisdom, the woman who gains understanding, for she is more profitable than silver and yields better results than gold. She is more precious than rubies; nothing you desire can compare with her.” —Proverbs 3:13-15


The ruby is a very fine Burmese stone, oval in shape, weighing 1.03 carats. A rich, full red with a slight blue hue, it sits in a bezel, set in a wide, 14 carat rose gold band. I listed it on Ebay yesterday. I don’t need to part with it, but for the right price I will. Everything is symbolic. If it stays with me, then the ring is my power talisman and intended. If it sells, its service to me will be complete—the ring will move on and so will I.


It came into my life as two rings—symbols of external validation. The intention for a life of passion; a commitment to love and be loyal. The symbol of a marriage.


Ten years later, no longer married, I redesigned the rings as one and imbued it with new significance. After 17 years I was leaving behind my life as I knew it—embarking on a new adventure. Walking away from the comfort of routine, history and familiar faces—the security of success—I was gambling on an even bigger, though undefined, future. I desired even more joy and fulfillment from life and believed myself worthy.


The sanskrit word for ruby translates to “king of the gemstones.” Considered for thousands of years to be one of the world’s most valuable gemstones, the ruby is prized for its magnificent red color, superior hardness and fiery brilliance.  A symbol of passion and power they have been referred to as drops of blood from the Earth herself. Believed to impart vitality and courage, alchemists chose the perfect ruby as their symbol for the philosopher’s stone—the elixir of life. As rare as perfect love, the perfect ruby is a ring to treasure.


I dreamt of perfect love. A flawless and formidable relationship with self love—passionate and fulfilling. I longed to adore and treasure my true self—my luminous and vital self.


Each time I slip the ring on my finger, my gaze lingers there. I feel my will stir with a fortified clarity and confidence. I am grounded in a mantle of ancient nobility. The ring embodies its own authority and its power flows into me as the bearer of its blessings. Legend tells us that the homes of the gods are lit by the glow of rubies. Today my heart is my home—a regal dwelling of incomparable love, wealth and wellbeing; a place I found along the path of desire illuminated by the blood red incandescence of a ruby ring.


Rings of power are an ancient tale—meaning made manifest with time and intention. A symbol of self esteem, this ring belongs to the one worthy of the work and reward of self love.


Super Powers for Sale

This ruby talisman is no longer available through Ebay due to the company’s change in policy prohibiting the sale of magic.



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