6. Valuing Validation


I am waiting for Webvan to deliver my groceries and then I am off to shop for new work clothes. I don’t have a job yet, but I’m close. I had a second interview yesterday with WineShopper.com, which went great. Last week I interviewed with four people and yesterday with the final two. This morning the Director of Human Resources called to discuss my salary requirements. She said that someone will be calling in a couple of days to make an offer. Apparently, everyone really liked me. It feels amazing to hear that I’m valued in the workplace after feeling so vulnerable. Everyone I met with told me that my resume was very impressive, and the Editor-in-Chief, who I met yesterday, told me that the first four people I interviewed with all sent her glowing emails raving about me. Although nice to hear, I imagine nine-tenths of their response was based on my personality, which I wasn’t concerned about.


WineShopper … I decided after talking to a headhunter and checking out the companies they told me they “might” be able to get me an interview with, that I wanted to focus on finding the right cultural fit and I wanted to work at a company where people were passionate about the product—and I could be too. WineShopper seems to have an exceptional culture. They have amazing benefits, great leadership, smart creative people and they respect work-life balance. The Editor told me that everyone has a laptop and if you need to leave early to take a yoga class, (her choice, I hadn’t mentioned anything), she believes it’s important. I’m overqualified for the position, but everyone told me to think of it as a stepping stone—the company’s strategy is to aggressively staff itself with smart, bright people. One of my interviewers shared with me that this is his first “real” job, he’s been a freelancer for six years. We bonded over that experience and he gave me the insider’s view on making the switch. Everyone I spoke with raved about the company, and about the Editor as an excellent mentor. Yahoo!!


Enough about how excited I am. I have been trying very hard to practice the Buddhist philosophy of non-attachment and acceptance. I am super excited about this opportunity, but if for some reason it doesn’t work out, I have garnered confidence from the experience and will find a job somewhere else. I have done a 180 and am completely chomping at the bit to have a job and join the world. I think it will prove important and healthy for my relationship with John to have both of us synched up and sharing a similar experience—not to mention, to have some money at last.



This decision feels like it has freed up my whole life. All the decisions and plans I have not felt able to move forward with are suddenly fair game. I tore down the paneling in my living room that I have hated for two years. I am patching the plaster and painting. I am also making plans to refinish the wood floors, and looking into getting a new couch. I want to make my home a sanctuary if I am going to be away from it all day. I could go on about how excited I am.



Lastly, I produced my first website—from content to code—for my yoga instructor. She hasn’t even looked at it yet, but it brought her business already. She’s been hired by Hungry Minds to be an expert, an opportunity she’s thrilled about. They told her that they love her website and that it helped sell them. It feels great to have made this opportunity happen—to see results from my work.


That’s all my news. Keep your fingers crossed for me and then I want lunch dates with everyone!