46. Published!


How to separate them: they are so intertwined. My big work news is a personal accomplishment that has financial ramifications, and made me appreciate Jordan with fresh perspective and recognize how supportive of me he is.


ICON is out. I attended a book signing party at the Culinary Institute of America for the two designers last Thursday. Around 100 guests attended; most of the wineries in the book donated wine; and it was an impressive event. Being there—seeing all those books and all those guests—helped me finally grasp what an accomplishment this is. It is a sexy, impressive book. The publisher brought 100 copies to the event, all of which sold at $85 a book, and a list of orders taken. As I was leaving, one of the designers asked if everyone who had been looking for me had found me. Apparently, a number of winery owners featured in the book had asked to meet me. The event coordinator told me that one of the more exclusive winery’s had declined to donate wine for the event until they read what I wrote; then they ended up donating from their private collection. I’M A PUBLISHED WRITER!!! It happened so by accident that it didn’t sink in until now. Jordan could not have been kinder. He was excited and proud for me, and made me feel incredibly special. At his suggestion, we celebrated at probably the most expensive restaurant in Napa, after the French Laundry, and had a fabulous, decadent evening. I can not tell you how special he made me feel and how nice that felt. The book is not just any book either—it’s gorgeous and selling like hot cakes. They are already talking about printing a second edition, and they are printing 5,000 copies in French.



BFD just won a fantastic account for one of the most prestigious brokers in the industry. Our bid was sizable for us, but now they’ve come back and are requesting that we triple our budget and consider a three year plan with an ongoing lineup of projects. Of course, when it rains it pours, and we’re continuing to get calls from 1-2 new leads a week.


I painted my front door red and as I was doing it I reflected on the wealth and prosperity I hope to attract. I realized that wealth and prosperity for me would be my present lifestyle—without debt. I would like a little extra for travel and I would like to save a third of what I earn. It feels like a very attainable goal, and I feel confident that I’m well on my way. You all know how strongly I believe in the power of my thoughts to manifest what I want in my life, and now I feel ready and confident to focus my energy on my financial goals.




I experienced another level of insight into my relationship with Jordan. I investigated enneagrams and something I read gave me great clarity and peace. What I realized about Jordan is that he takes longer than I do to vet and embrace people, but once he does, he is an exceptionally loyal and generous person. That loyalty and generosity is something I value and respond to—a quality that allows me to feel very happy and safe. I feel for the first time like I am in a well-balanced relationship, with someone who gives back as much of themselves as I give, and in similar ways.



I lent my home to my landlords this past weekend while I went backpacking with a friend. They were still finishing up dinner with my neighbor Yvonne when I arrived home. They all feel like old friends and I love our community. They are happy—thrilled—with the love and vision I’ve brought to their place and my generosity in sharing it, and in return they are incredibly generous to me. They replaced the gas grill that Jordan and I caught on fire with a brand new, top-of-the line grill. They also gave me a very generous budget to select a new gas stove for my kitchen and are paying to bring the gas line in. And of course, while they stayed here, they took good care of Harley and my garden.



So I went camping this weekend with a friend of a friend. A woman I know through mutual friends. Her serious boyfriend recently dumped her by telling her he was sleeping with someone else—no explanation. She then discovered she was pregnant; she miscarried; and learned she’d contracted an STD all in one blow. Needless to say, she’s having a rough go. She mentioned how much she loved to camp with her boyfriend and how none of her friends are interested in going with her. I remember wanting to camp last summer and feeling that it was the one thing I wasn’t comfortable doing alone. I told her I’d go with her, and we enjoyed an amazing adventure on the Lost Coast this past weekend. Trekking—or should I say trudging—up and over 3 mountains, 7.5 miles, with 50-plus pounds on my back struck me as a good metaphor for life. You plod away, you don’t know how far it is to the top, or what comes after that, but you keep going one step at a time. It’s hard work, but you’re doing exactly what you want to be doing, and every now and then you stop to catch your breath and take in the view—and when you do, you’re bowled over by how breathtaking and amazing nature is. Whether it’s the towering straight line of a redwood, the dramatic rocky coastline, the ethereal whispers of fog against vibrant green foliage, the absurdity of a huge pair of elk antlers draped in greenery or the brilliant red of a dainty Indian paintbrush—you can’t believe how lucky you are.


Camping also inspires such interesting conversations and insightful reflection.