“I just sing what I wish I could say and hope somewhere some woman hears my music and it helps her through her day.”—Ani DiFranco; I’m No Heroine


The acronym for my new blog is BE. This wasn’t intentional and yet nothing could be more appropriate. Equal parts historic memoir, ongoing adventure and gallery of inspiration, each post tells a piece of my story—my journey to become more fully myself; free to BE.


Awake to my own patterns of doubt and denial, fear and desire, I am able to see the same pain and longing reflected everywhere, in everyone. The struggle to live an authentic life is universal; the hunger to esteem and love ourselves is fundamental. The blog itself is both my culminating accomplishment and my continuing challenge—my daily opportunity to BE flawlessly fearless and share my truth. It is trial enough to live truth, it takes genuine courage to share it.


When we leave the safety of conformity and follow our own inner guidance; trust in our own authority—the Universe responds. Like developing a muscle, you begin to notice and enjoy a dynamic dialog with a magical, unseen world. Cues, clues and validation affirm your faith and inspire your actions. You slowly surrender your controlling mind, your doubts and anxieties, to the ease of just BEing—alert in the present, confident in your ability to respond.


And so it was for me, that 48 hours after launching and announcing—exhausted from months of effort, and scared of rejection—there was Oprah affirming my courage; validating my action. I was standing in line at Wegmans, finally replenishing my neglected pantry, and my eye caught the cover of her newly released February issue—Express Yourself!  Inside was her challenge to readers to write a mini-memoir; the story of your life in six words. Joy and fulfillment the feminine way. I had done that too.


By sharing my truth, I liberate my fears and experience the ultimate freedom and joy of self expression; a freedom no one should take for granted. I offer my story as a gift of generosity that it may inspire and encourage someone else, somewhere, to free their voice and live their truth—to turn on; to BE.


“Ultimately, we all want the same thing: a fulfilled life. And the confidence to be wholly, completely ourselves.”—Oprah