Supersizing Buffalove with BALLE

Supersize Love

Four lucky lottery tickets from May 21, 2011—the day the world didn’t end. How much luckier does it get? I attended what could have been my last party on Earth—Artists and Models: Rapture Rupture—as a snake oil salesman selling symbolic intent. Among my wares, I peddled eleven fantasy tickets for redeeming desires.

I play the lottery whenever I want to power boost my capacity to imagine. A dollar to dream; my ticket to transformation. Of the original eleven, only four remain and I intend to imagine four desires for Buffalo—four supersized dreams catalyzed and power boosted by my four days visioning with BALLE. If there’s one thing I know: probability, even possibility, play no part in magic, so why not declare my desires?

Stay tuned to find out the BE ALL I want for Buffalo.


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