Beautiful Business; Good Goals

Judy Wicks

Judy Wicks was fabulous. She spoke to a small, engaged audience at Hallwalls, sharing from her life’s work and reading from her book. She talked about our capacity to recognize and protect what we truly care about and referenced the long journey we each must make from our head to our heart. Our need to embrace the feminine qualities of creativity and love; to nourish authentic relationships. She recounted her own moments of enlightenment and the catalysts that propelled her from intention to action. She emphasized trust in an abundant universe and the work we must undertake to dismantle the old paradigm of material wealth and re-value a living return.

By the time Judy sold her White Dog Café, the vision had grown in scale and scope from a few tables in her home, to a 200-head restaurant and retail store, complemented by a mind-boggling array of philanthropic projects, community events and activist initiatives. A force to be reckoned with grown from humble beginnings.

I’ll save the specifics for after I read her book—which I enthusiastically bought right there and then. Equally moved by Judy’s talk was Cortney Morrison-Taylor from Ró. Discussing Judy Wednesday night at the opening cocktail party, Cortney and I decided to read the book together. Later, Laura Aiisha, a Buffalo-based leadership coach, expressed her interest, and well—looks like The Epicures’ Club will be hosting its first official book discussion. If you are interested in reading Judy’s book and joining us, please email and I’ll let you know when we chose our date.

Moving forward with my plans for The Epicures’ Club was, in fact, my takeaway from Judy’s inspiring talk. I’ve been on the fence about how to proceed or if I should. My passion deflates when I think of the hurdles, the bureaucracy and paperwork, or when I try to conjure the longview. It encouraged me to learn that when Judy first opened her café, she ushered guest upstairs, past her children, to the family bathroom if they needed a restroom. Buddhist wisdom urges us to begin where we are; and Judy’s life story models just how far we can travel when we take it one step at a time.

Setting the social tone for the conference to come, Judy’s story of staking roots in her community was the tipping point talk I needed to hear—the catalyzing call to move from intention to action.


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