The Babe Effect

“From little things big things grow.”


My roadmap to  freedom, Babe Effect is a travelogue. Each story in the series progresses through time while crossing vast emotional terrain. All told, it is a tale of love and transformation. The name: an homage to the friends, family and strangers who inspire me daily to step up to a fuller version of my own potential.


I: The w2k Chronicles

Written monthly over six years, The w2k Chronicles is a timeless tale of self discovery, potential and the search for fulfillment. It is my story of a young woman’s journey to find her voice and heal self esteem.

II: Page Turner Fantasies

Hell is a place you visit alone; everyone has one. Catalyzed by love and fueled by longing, I chased desire down the rabbit hole until I found its source; until I found myself. My missing years, this portion of my journey is glimpsed only in summary; stories rendered as artpage turner fantasies. 

ice art

III: My Career Revue

The truth and nothing but humor. Relating the highlights of my work life as satire, My Career Revue pays tribute to my father who gave me my standard of possible. He modeled the art of living well; taught me to recognize and harness the power of attitude; and advised me to never forget that hard work is a substitute for performance. 


IV: Materials On Hand 

“Written as a poem a day over the last 14 months of her mother’s life, Materials on Hand shines a light on the fine line between heartache and beauty. A spiritual journey set against the backdrop of dementia, the book serves as a roadmap to transcendence. Piercingly honest and self aware, Page Nolker distills the complex intricacies of caregiving into simple revelations about what it means to be human―and the transforming power of unconditional love. Written with humor and compassion in a voice anyone can relate to, Materials on Hand reminds us that the potential for joy exists within even the darkest sorrow.”

(Materials on Hand is the edited, published version of The Poetry of Dementia.)


V: Beginning Again

The evening before I left Buffalo, New York to begin a new life—again—I learned that a beautiful, young woman I’d known had taken her life. The news came as a shock. From a distance, she appeared serene and successful. But I know well enough that below the surface we all live complicated lives of contradictions and conflict. I imagine my life appears serene and successful. Most days, it feels that way—but not always. Beginning Again is a new daily project I am writing and sharing in Cortney’s memory. I offer my own vulnerable and varied truth, because living is both an art and an ordeal. Every day a maddening mix of daunting and delightful. 


VII: Unfinished Business

Equal parts love story, fantasy and history, Unfinished Business witnesses the return of Germaine de Staël in a conscious collaboration with her blood and soul descendent—the autobiographical heroine of her imagined third novel. 

A celebrated champion for Liberty at the turn of the 19th century and midwife to the Romantic Age, Germaine de Staël was uncommonly brilliant, overtly sexual and simultaneously respected and feared as one of the most influential voices of her time. Napoleon regarded Mme. de Staël as his personal nemesis and she is honored for the prominent role she played in orchestrating his downfall. 

“Had she been born a man, three quarters of her talents would not have been spent in combat to hold affection and justify her right to be herself; the role she played and the work she left, though remarkable, are only a fraction of the potential she could have realized without the handicap of her sex.” — J. Christopher Herold, Mistress to an Age

Illuminating the suffocating gender constraints of her time, and the soul’s innate impulse for self expression and fulfilling love, de Staël gave us the enduring myth of the suffering heroine. In Unfinished Business, de Staël reimagines the feminine archetype and dreams into being her emancipated heroine—the final act in her groundbreaking trilogy.

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